Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Addition

So, it appears that the Pfeifer household has taken on a new addition. Grace (so named by Emily) is a cute little black lab that we assume to be around 6 months old.

Basically, she had been left in the woods a couple of weeks ago to fend for herself (I assume by the previous owners). The area she was found in is most notably used by a group of mountain bikers known as the Disciples of Dirt, who have built an extensive trail network to use as a winter riding area. This saves the more popular trails around Eugene from damage which can be caused from riding the trails when it gets muddy. Apparently she was using some of the trails as her playground and she was spotted by a group of friends that Emily was riding with by a trail called "Stumps Can't Win". Based on her condition, she had obviously been living off the land for some time, as she was basically skin & bones and quite timid. They were finally able to corral her, and our buddy Brad transported her to the back of Emily's car.

This is where I come into the story. On my way back from Sweet Creek (see previous post) Emily calls me to let me know what had happened and asks if it would be okay to use our home for a couple days as sort of a "halfway house" until we can find a good home for her (hopefully with someone we know). Being a dog (and Lab) owner, I was certainly a little excited (and a little nervous) about having another one to provide some companionship to Orvis (our big goofy chocolate lab) for a couple of days.

As I was loading my boating gear back into the garage, Emily pulled up with the little black lab laying in the back seat. Emily opened up the back door of the car and proceeded to try and coax the dog from its prone position and into the house. Unfortunately the dog seemed to be pretty scared and had no desire to make any forward progress. After both of us trying for couple of minutes through many words of encouragement we gave up and Emily was forced to lift and carry her into the house. From here she timidly explored her new surrounds until dinner time where her lab genes kicked into high gear and she demolished her food, almost putting Orvis to shame, which is quite a feat. I could already tell that Emily was starting to get attached.

Over the next couple of days she gradually became less afraid and her puppy tendencies started to kick in. Of course puppies can be both a blessing and a curse. Usually the blessings revolve around being cute, so let's talk about the latter (f0r now). The first thing that became apparent was that she was very interested in our cat, Lucy. Lucy, although little, does not back down from much and this dog would be no exception. The first major encounter happened while Emily was holding Lucy while surfing the web. Now more curious than ever, the little dog decided to put its front paws on Emily's leg to get a better look and take a sniff. Lucy, who I'm sure was feeling a little trapped (from being held) deciding she didn't like this too much, went bonkers and started slashing at the new the curious beast. The encounter didn't last long and puppy ran to her bed which was located in the open closet of our room. A quick analysis of the damage revealed a missing claw on Lucy and the same claw stuck in the snout of the other, however this would not be their last encounter... The next, which I was not around for apparently happened as the cat was on the table and the dog once again decided to get a better look. Lucy went to her standby arched back, hissing, and swiping. This time the dog did not run away and proceeded to growl and bare teeth. Emily would have none of this and let the dog know and sent her to bed. A quick list of other puppy features that also exist are: chewing (on things that should not be chewed), jumping up on people, and a complete lack of command knowledge, but hey, she is potty trained which almost makes up for it.

Even with all the standard puppy issues, she is still a great little dog that just needs some lovin', time, and a little discipline. It has also become apparent that there is no way Emily plans to give this dog up without a fight. She has already been to the doc to get her vaccinations and a quick look over. She is also sporting her shiny new tab which clearly states her name, "Grace". In fact, Emily said if anybody has to go, it would probably be me. =)

Grace on her bed

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